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Product of Navana Interlink Ltd.
Fire Protection System
Fire Detection And Alarm System
Public Address & Voice Evacation System
Access Control and Time Attendance
IP10/ IP20
100RV, Vandal Resistnat, 125Khz Reader
RFL200V, Vandal Resistnat, 125Khz Reader
100R/ 100W/ PIN120/ PIN120W
RFL200/ RFL200C
FINGER007 (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
LX007 (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
MAC1000 (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
MAC2000 (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
MAC1000SR (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
MAC2000SR(Fingerprint recognition Controller)
FINGER007SR (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
FINGER007SRB (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
LX006 (Fingerprint Recognition Proximity Reader)
FGR006 (Fingerprint Recognition Proximity Reader)
Intelligent Multi Doors [32] Access Control Panel
Multi Door[8] Access Control Panel
Multi Door[4] Access Control Panel
Intelligent Multi-Door [4] Access Control Panel for Access Control System
Intelligent Single Door Access Control Panel
Intelligent Elevator Access Control Panel
Vandal Resistnat, 125Khz Reader, RF10V, RF20V, RFK101V
Proximity Card Reader Series(RF10/ RF20/ RF TINY)
Proximity Reader (Proximity Card Reader)
PIN & Proximity Card Reader Series
PIN & Proximity Card Reader Series
Proximity Reader OEM Module/Proximity Programmer
13.56MHz Contactless Smart Card Reader
Fingerprint Stored Contactless Smart Card [MIFARE] Programmer
Smart Card & Key Tag [MIFARE]
2.45GHz Long Range Reader with Battery-Replaceable Tag
2.45GHz Active Tag with Replaceable Battery
Active Card Programmer
We Provide