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Fire Protection System
Fire Detection And Alarm System
Public Address & Voice Evacation System
Access Control and Time Attendance
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Powerful Total Security Solution


     Fault Tolerant System Applied
    - Dual system processing of controller, communication server and database for active/standby system
    - In case of the system failure, the dual-system processing keeps the system running with the backup(Standby) system
      * In case of dual system processing of database, Microsoft SQL Server function is used

     Enhanced System Security Features
    - Comprehensive system log management to increase system security
    - Automatic system log-off function
    - Authorization setting per user account
    - System log-in via fingerprint recognition
    - Encrypted with 3DES for data transmission and fingerprint information protection

     Multi-Site Management

     Maximized System Performance with Distributed System Environment
    - ENTERPRISE Application, Communication Server and Database can be installed and operated in separate serve
    - Maximized system scalability, stability and performance

     Strengthend Access Control Features
    - Various Anti-Passback Mode (Local, Zone, Global, Timed, Soft Anti-Passback)

     Effective Information Management Features
    - Supports setting information synchronization between the devices and software
    - Group management by department, company, region for managing large quantity of information

     Convenient Management Features
    - Head count of the members in the room using the In Room Monitoring feature
    - Visitor access status monitoring using the visitor management feature
    - Guard Tour feature
    - Supports basic Time & Attendance function
    - Various report available for printing including the user defined reports

     Integrated Monitoring Features
    - Intuitive monitoring using the graphic map (Using the icons on the map, control the doors and input devices)

     Event Management Features
    - Event Priority Setting
    - Event notification via E-mail and SMS
    - Voice notification of event occurrence ("wav" file setting by event type)

     Door Status Monitoring and Control

     Multi-Language Support
    - Unicode based multi-language support allows easy language conversion

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