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    STARWATCH TIME PRO is professional Time & Attendance management software, which supports various work time rules such as multi-shift management, overtime and other complicated work rules. The software provides user defined reports and integration with ERP systems for payroll management.

     User Configurable Multi-Shift Management
    - Double shift / Triple shift / User defined
    - Suitable for 24 hour working environments such as hotels, hospitals, factories and etc.

     Various Work Rule Setting
    - Using the work time setting function, apply different work time per user and date
    - Automatic calculation of work time per user (Work time, late-in, early leave, overtime, holiday work, total days of work, total number of late-in, total number of early leave and etc.)
    - Lunch time (Break time) management and deduction function

     Report Reviewing and Printing Available via Web Browser
    - Time & Attendance reports viewable on the web browser

     Various T&A and User Defined Reports
    - Provides reports by daily, weekly, monthly and other terms
    - Prints out attendance results using the closing report
    - After daily closing, user with irregular attendance can modify the information to be applied on daily, monthly and yearly data
    - Reports can be converted into Excel, HTML, PDF and other file format
    - Allows generation of user defined report

     Effective User Information Management
    - Allows input of customized fields for various information input

     Various Function Key Setting
    - Configure various attendance types using the 12 function keys (Applies only on LX505 Series and LX007 Series)

     Supports Various Export Features
    - Excel, Text, PDF and database integration
    - Integrations with ERP and other HR programs using the T&A data export function

     Multiple Company Management and Data Management Function

     Multi-Language Support
    - Korean, English, Arabic and additional language support
    - User defined language conversion function>

     Convenient System Setting Using the Wizard Function
    - Step by step initial setting and data input via setup wizard
    - Easy settings using the dynamic tool tips

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