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Rapiscan HE50


    The Rapiscan HE50 uses an inhaling, non-contact sampling method with a real-time analysis response for fast, reliable and specific identification of explosives. The 3 button control and fully automatic continuous calibration design facilitates easy integration into screening processes. 

    Advanced Sampling Technology
    The Rapiscan HE50 detects explosive traces in both forms of vapors and particulate from the ambient environment, packages, or other surfaces that may have absorbed explosive residues. The HE50 uses a non-contact inhalation sampling technology that does not damage the interrogated surface. Designed to minimize consumable costs, the HE50 uses a low cost dopant with an extended shelf life. For additional flexibility the HE50 is also able to analyze the sample taken by a swipe.

    Exempt from US NRC Requirements
    The HE50 uses a unique ionization source with US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Exempt Distribution status that has no end-user documentation and no radiation leak testing requirements.

    Non-contact Sampling
    The lightweight, ergonomically designed HE50 allows the operator to screen without contact for all major explosives. 

    Detects Range of Explosives
    The Rapiscan HE50 detects low picogram levels of a broad range of explosives including TATP, TNT, C4 / RDX, Semtex, Nitroglycerin / Dynamite, PETN, EGDN, DNT, HMX, Black Powder, Smokeless Powder and ANFO / Ammonium Nitrate.

    The Rapiscan HE50 offers a fully automatic continuous self-calibration technology without the need for manual calibration and traps and is ready to use in less than 10 minutes. Alarms can be configured with audible and/or visual detection indicators. With the large screen LCD the HE50 can be used in all light conditions.

    The HE50 is ideal for customers that need a portable, versatile and effective explosive threat detection solution.

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