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    The TSA BM185 is designed to scan small items (less than 1 ft.3) for radioactive emissions and is ideal for monitoring prior to release from the facility. With an efficient and accurate go/no go analysis and typical scan times of one to three minutes, the TSA BM185 waste monitor allows for efficient and cost effective waste management. 

    Advanced Design Features
    The TSA BM185 provides 4pi geometry and efficiency of greater than 45% for 60Co for effective and accurate screening of all sides of the item. The monitor’s high sensitivity and uniform measurement is achieved by using large surface area plastic scintillator detectors on all six sides of the counting chamber. With lead shielding on all sides, the BM185 provides higher sensitivity and isolates the scanned item from any external radiation influence. Designed for minimal maintenance, the TSA BM185’s electronics are mounted above the chamber for easy access. The touchscreen panel PC is mounted on an arm that allows for ease of movement while protecting the touchscreen.

    Programmable Detection Parameters
    With the ability for an administrator to define screening parameters, customizing the BM185 for specific radioactive isotopes or ‘waste streams’ is possible. The operator selects the proper waste stream from an annotated list for each item to be scanned making the BM285 flexible when screening for multiple contaminants.

    Operation is simple using the color touchscreen panel PC. Easy to read graphics provide instant reporting of system status and operating mode. Administrators can generate reports for all activity or only alarmed activity for efficient record keeping on waste disposal.

    Flexible Options
    The BM185 comes standard with a stainless steel liner that protects the detectors and allows for easy cleaning if contaminated. An optional aluminum liner is available if greater sensitivity is required. With the optional sodium iodide detector, spectral isotopic identification to fit specific detection requirements is possible.

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