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Rapiscan 632XR


    • With a generous tunnel opening,a heavy-duty roller bed, and two options of X-ray generator, the Rapiscan 632XR is designed to inspect pallets and other large cargo weighing up to 3,000 Kgs (6,600 pounds) without compromising throughput. ISO Standard 6780 pallet types and lower deck pallet types shipments can be screened wrapped or break bulk for maximum operational flexibility.
    • With high resolution imaging, abundant image processing tools and two automatic detection features operators can detect potential threats, counter trade fraud and identify contraband.
    • The Rapiscan 632XR meets the most rigorous detection and image quality requirements as set by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), U.K. Department of Transport (DfT), E.U. European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and French civil aviation authority (STAC).
    • Feature and Option Highlights
    • Greatest Number of Operator-Assist Tools Enables Highest Throughput
    • With over 14 image processing tools and 2 automatic detection functions, the feature rich software helps the operator easily and accurately detect contraband for the highest throughput and least operator fatigue.
    • Regulatory Approved Threat Image Projection (TIP) and Tip Network (TIPNet)
    • Threat Image Projection (TIP) is the preferred operator performance training and measurement tool used by regulatory agencies worldwide.
    • Digital images of potential threats, are interlaced with scanned object. The program gives supervisors and managers real-time feedback on operators’ performance and helps to keep operators alert and aware. 
    • Automatic Detection of Explosives
    • Target™ automatically detects a wide range of explosives in real time during the scanning process by visibly highlighting a potential threat on the X-ray image.
    • Density Threshold Alert (DTA)
    • DTA generates a visible alarm when an imaged object exceeds a user-specified density threshold.
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