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LBC 3491/12



    The Bosch LBC 10 W Circular Horn Loudspeaker outputs 10 W and provides highly accurate speech reproduction. The loudspearker's wide opening 
    angle and powerful sound make it ideal for outdoor applications such as sporting events, parks, and swimming pools.
        The horn features a direct connection to a 100 V line output and is finished in light grey (RAL 7035) 
        The horn is water and dust protected 
        The horn loudspeakers include a 100 V transformer with taps on the primary winding to allow different power settings. Nominal full-power, half-power or quarter-power radiation (in 3 dB steps) can easily be selected by connecting the amplifier output to the appropriate tap. A 2 m four-core cable is fitted to the horns. Each core is a different color, and is connected to one of the primary taps on the transformer 
        The horn loudspeakers are supplied com
    Brand : Bosch
    Model Code : LBC 3481/12
    Opening angle at 4 kHz (degrees) > 120
    Rated power (PHC) [W] : 7..12
    Sound pressure level [dB] at rated power (1kHz, 1m) : 110..120
    Speech and/or music reproduction : Speech only
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