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Gas Suppression System



    With the phase out of the most commonly used but environmentally damaging Halon 1301 and co2 fire suppressant, Inert gases are becoming the global alternatives of choice in view of the following:
    Proven safety for people, property and the environment are natural requirement in addition to the desirable properties of effectiveness, cleanliness and zero secondary  damage. 
    Inert gases are the best choice for extinguishing agents as they extinguish fire by oxygen depletion by lowering the normal oxygen concentration in the air from 21% to about 12%
    below the limit required for combustion whilst still providing a safe and breathable atmosphere. 
    The composition of naturally occurring gases of Intertec is a preferred choice as it provides users with all the advantage of an internationally accredited and environmentally friendly
    protection solution without the high costs of traditionally implementation of equivalents
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