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Ancillary Equipment (PFM System)



    Constructional Features

    • Maintains CPC irrespective of product viscosity or viscosity changes
    • Infinitely adjustable pressure settings from either local or remote stations - manual, automatic or PLC control.
    • Control mediums can be pneumatic or hydraulic.
    • 90° flanged porting arrangement
    • Smooth, vibration-free and quiet operation.

    Materials of Construction

    Casing - Ductile Iron, Steel. 
    Elastomers - Nitrile/Viton 
    Piston Seals - PTFE

    Range of performance

    Flows to 3000 L/min 
    Max Working Pressure - 1,850 kPa 
    Temperatures from 0°C to 150°C.

    Model Lineup

    RV32 - DN50 to 780 L/min 
    RV33 - DN80 to 1,500 L/min 
    RV34 - DN100 to 3,000 L/min

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