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Ancillary Equipment (RV Series)



    Constructional Features

    • 90° porting arrangement
    • Flanged or screwed ports available most models
    • Adjustable pressure setting within spring range
    • Low pressure rise
    • CBS / VRS / NRV options to suit application (some models)

    Materials of Construction

    Casing - Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel. 
    Special materials to specification

    Range of performance

    Flows to 2,400 L/min 
    Pressures to 2,000 kPa 
    Temperatures from -40oC to 350oC.

    Model Lineup

    RV13 - DN100 
    RV14 - DN80 
    RV16 - DN25 
    RV17 - DN40 
    RV18 - DN25 
    RV19 - DN40 
    RV26 - DN100

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