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Industrial Pumps (MD & HD Series)



    Fields of Application

    Universal industrial pumps for handling the widest range of liquids for chemical, oil, food, ink, paint, paper, petrochemical, sugar, pharmaceutical and many other industries

    Constructional Features

    • Mechanical seal/hydraulic packing
    • Accurate axial rotor control and adjustment
    • Heating/cooling jackets available
    • Heavy duty bearings
    • Integral bypass valve optional
    • Heavy duty design
    • Variety of porting configurations

    Materials of Construction

    Casing - Cast Iron, SG Iron, Steel, Stainless 
    Rotors - Cast Iron, SG Iron, Steel, Stainless 
    Shaft - High tensile alloy steel, Stainless 
    Corrosion/abrasion resistant and special materials to specification.

    Range of performance


    Range of Performance MD HD
    Flows to 1,200 L/min 2,400 L/min
    Differential Pressures to 1,300 kPa 2,000 kPa
    Viscosities to 1,000,000 cSt 1,000,000 cSt
    Temperatures from -40°C to 350°C -40°C to 350°C


    Model Lineup

    MD HD Lit/rev
    MD340M - 0.0345
    MD100M - 0.0691
    MD100 HD100 0.174
    MD114 - 0.212
    MD112 HD112 0.392
    MD200 HD200 0.527
    MD212 HD212 0.891
    MD212E HD212E 1.191
    MD300 HD300 2.487
    - HD400 4.091
    - HD600 6.819


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