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Smart Card & Key Tag [MIFARE]


    • Credit Card Size and ISO Thickness (ISC80 / IHC80)
    • ISO14443 type A compatible
    • 13.56MHz / Passive Type
    • 1KByte EEPROM
    • Read and Write Function: 
       - Read only (SR10 / SR30 / SRK101)
       - Read and Write (SR10RW / SR30RW / SRK101RW)
       - Smart Card Programmer (PRG2000RW)
    • 10 Years Data Retention
    • 100,000 Overwrite Times
    • Printing Company Logo with Graphic (ISC80 / IHC80) – Front & Rear
    • Key Tag (ISK50) / MiniProx Sticker Tag (IMC135)
    • Easy to attach on Personal Belongings using IMC135
       (MS / Barcode Card, Wallet, PDA, Cell phone)
    • Offer Sufficient Read/Write Memory to store Multiple Biometric
     Templates using PRG2000B kit
    • Options: Magnetic Stripe (High Coercivity – ISC80 / IHC80)

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