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Fire Protection System
Fire Detection And Alarm System
Public Address & Voice Evacation System
Access Control and Time Attendance
Access Control and Time Attendance > Hardware > Biometrics > FINGER007SRB (Fingerprint recognition Controller)
FINGER007SRB (Fingerprint recognition Controller)


    • 1:1 Verification 
    • Fingerprint & 13.56MHz [MIFARE] Smart Card Reader and 
    Fingerprint Verification 
    • Read Portable Smart Card that is stored Fingerprint Template 
    programmed on PRG2000B 
    • Dual Function for Access Control and Time & Attendance 
    • Dynamic Control of Memory up to 50,000 Users / up to 50,000 Event 
    Buffers (Available on VA.1.0 and up) 
     * 20,000 Users / 30,000 Event Buffers (Buffers (Available on V9.6.0) 
    • ID only Function for Fingerprint Unregisterable Person 
      through Smart Card is programmed by PRG2000B 
    • Decode Encrypted Biometrics Data using Patented Encryption 
    • Protected ID and Fingerprint Template Copy 
    • Support STAR PRG2000B Programmer with ID & Fingerprint Template 
    issuing Software 
    • Standalone / Network Communication via RS232 / RS422 / RS485 
     - RS485 is not available on VA.1.0 and up 
    • TCP/IP Communication supported 
     - VA.1.0 and above : Internal LAN module required(optional) 
     - V9.6.0 and below : External Converter required(optional) 
    • Independent 4 Inputs and 4 Outputs including 2ea of 2 Form-C 
    Relay Outputs 
    • 1ea of External Reader Port for Anti-passback Function: 
      26bit Wiegand, 4 / 8bit Burst for PIN 
    • No need to manage Fingerprint Templates 
    • Flexible Quality Solution to suit Any Applications 
    • Secure Sign-on Facility 
    • High Protection from Scratch and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) 
    • High Quality Optical Sensor 
    • Dual Tamper Switches 
    • Mode Selection: SMART only / SMART+ P/W (4digit) 
      SMART+ Fingerprint / SMART+ P/W (4digit) + Fingerprint 
    • Compatible Software: STARWATCH DUAL PRO I / II, 
    • Compatible Reader: SR10B, SR30B, SRK101B  

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