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Turnstile > MAG motorized tripod turnstile
MAG motorized tripod turnstile



    • Integrated Smart Motor design allow turnstile to run smoother and more quiet compared to manual turnstile. Arm will rotate by itself with just a small push by hand. MAG uses electronic optical sensor instead of mechanical limit switch to reduce mechanical maintenance so that TTS430 can work longer and work harder for you.

    • Arm will always automatically rotate back to home position to avoid stopping halfway. This eliminate any risk or opportunity for unauthorized visitor to sneak in.

    • Motorized tripod turnstile can be set to bi-directional passing or uni-directional passing to maximize flexibility. LED display on both side can be set to show arrow or cross as indication to allow passing through or not.

    • Smart lock mechanism in the motor effectively ensure that only 1 person to pass through at a time. Motor does not allow multiple arm rotation from a single pass therefore eliminating any tailgating attempt. Turnstile will automatically lock back after auto-close timer has elapsed. Auto-close timer is programmable. This is important to ensure that no person can sneak in when turnstile is opened by mistake.

    • In case of emergency or power failure, arm will automatically drop down allowing rapid escape of people inside the building. Arm will automatically rotate and rise up when power resumes so that your premise returned to secured state as soon as possible.

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